Ground Squirrel Control

Tunnel Fills a great product for helping to acheive ground squirrel control.  Tunnel Fill is a non toxic pest control option that can be used for ground squirrel control, gopher control and other rodent control.  The patented process of Tunnel Fill is simple to use and highly effective to achieve your pest control goals.

After getting ground squirrel control on your property you will notice new squirrels occupying the old burrow system.  No matter if you use live traps, lethal traps, poison or gun you must eliminate all the squirrels on your property or area you are treating.  You have to remember these rodents live on your property and other properties in the area and for this reason total elimination of the area you are trying to protect is needed for squirrel control.  If possible, a large barrier around the area to be protected would be ideal so new squirrels do not move in.

Tunnel Fill comes into play with squirrel control by filling the squirrel tunnels and burrow so new squirrels do not smell and dig out the burrow and you get a whole new problem on your hands.  By adding Tunnel Fill pellets into the opening of the squirrel burrow and washing them down the product will expand and completely the void.  This drastically reduces new squirrel infestations by not inviting them into your property with an awaiting home to live in.

Tunnel Fill is a longer term solution for squirrel control.

Try Tunnel Fill the best and most innovative and patented product on the market !

Squirrel Control