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The above animation shows how to force gophers out of their pocket gopher burrows using Tunnel Fill and a garden hose.

Tunnel Fill destroys animal burrows

  • Gophers Moles
  • Ground Squirrels
  • Voles
  • Prariedogs
  • Groundhogs
  • Any burrowing Animal
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Tunnel Fill will expand with water without poisons or traps, and will force pocket gophers to surface to avoid drowning in the gopher burrow!  Tunnel Fill organically fills pocket gopher burrows top to bottom, giving no escape and completely fills pocket gophers, moles, ground squirrels or any other burrowing animals burrows.

DIY pocket gopher removal?  How to get rid of pocket gophers? Here is your answer to pocket gopher problems.  Tunnel Fill can eliminate pocket gophers from your yard and fill the gopher tunnels all at the same time.  Tunnel Fill comes in pellet form and is flushed down pocket gophers holes with a water hose where Tunnel Fill expands many times it’s pelleted form to completely fill the pocket gopher burrow.

This organic pocket gopher control traps the pocket gopher in its burrow and displaces the available oxygen, which drowns the pocket gopher or forces the pocket gopher to surface.  Tunnel Fill takes only 5-8 minutes to fully expand which is why Tunnel Fill is so effective at removing pocket gophers giving pocket gophers no time to escape and leaves an applesauce like consistency in the burrow.

Tunnel Fill is made of multiple expanding materials which expand at different rates when water is applied.  These rates allow some of the Tunnel Fill to expand fast to trap the pocket gopher in the burrow, while some of the Tunnel Fill expands slowly to organically fill all the way to the furthest points of the pocket gophers burrow.

Tunnel Fill is heavy and sinks to the bottom of the nest and then rises as it expands, filling the pocket gophers nest and tunnels all the way to the surface.   You can see by the drawing that adding Tunnel Fill through existing mounds it will work its way down to the lowest point on the system and swell up until it has reached the surface. Tunnel Fill drowns the gopher or forces him out of his gopher tunnel and burrow system where you dispatch the gopher when he surfaces or relocate to another area.

The pocket gopher has no choice but to leave the tunnel system or the gopher will drown.  The pocket gopher can not dig a new path because the gopher does not have enough time, nor is there anywhere to put the dirt the gopher is digging because Tunnel Fill is filling up the available space.

Once Tunnel Fill swells to the surface of the tunnel it is recommended that you fill the top portion of the holes with dirt or sand to make them solid and you will never know Tunnel Fill was added.  The area should then be monitored for several days for new gopher activity and treated immediately with Tunnel Fill.

Gophers do not re-dig out
Tunnel Fill’s consistency is much like applesauce and dirt and nearly impossible for a rodent like ground squirrelsmolespocket gophers, badgers and more to dig out with it’s paws.  Once Tunnel Fill is hydrated and fill is completely expanded an animal like a pocket gopher, squirrel or mole will likely find it easier to move on that to try and dig out plus it eliminates the smell of the rodent’s tunnel and burrow so not to attract them in the future.

Gophers have No Escape
If the pocket gopher is missed on the first attempt, the second will be much easier because the tunnel system is already closed off with Tunnel Fill and will hold much less volume meaning less product/water to fill the available space.

You simply look for new pocket gophers holes that pop up and treat immediately with Tunnel Fill as you did before.  All pocket gopher treatments should be made in the early morning for best results.  This is when the pocket gophers tunnel system is open and the time to get the best success to eliminate pocket gophers.

The need for a second application of Tunnel Fill in pocket gopher burrows will be more common where pocket gopher infestation has been a long time problem on properties with many established tunnel systems and many outlets for the pocket gopher to run to.  It is important to watch the infested area for the rest of the day and the next day for any new pocket gophers holes that pop out and retreat immediately with Tunnel Fill.

However the second application is normally fast and easy because the available space in the pocket gophers tunnel is so small and fills very quickly you often will catch the pocket gopher in a matter of minutes or less.

Long Lasting Gopher Control
Tunnel Fill will last 3+ years in a pocket gopher burrow and is biodegradable.  This varies depending on the water quality and fertilizer content of the soil.  If the product degraded faster the tunnel would simply collapse once the product degraded which would not be effective as a void filler.  Since Tunnel Fill lasts such a long time, it gives the soil ample time to slowly even out from rain, irrigation, and foot traffic.

Detect New Pocket Gophers
Pocket Gophers are now forced to dig new tunnels making a pocket gopher presence known and allowing you to be able to deal with the pocket gopher right away.  Up until now, pocket gophers could simply use existing tunnels to enter your property and eat roots without you ever knowing they were there – until your plants or lawn are dead or missing.  Now those pocket gophers will be detected and dealt with before the major damage begins since Tunnel Fill has blocked the pocket gopher entrance.

Other Pests
Tunnel Fill can be used to fill any void made by rodents including a pocket gophermolessquirrels, voles, skunks, prairie dogs and many others.  The consistency makes it undesirable to dig Tunnel Fill out so they likely will find a new home.  We have used this with both ground squirrel and vole holes with great success and no digging out of Tunnel Fill.

Tunnel Fill Reviews

Many customers have written in thanking us for solving their pest control issue.  After purchasing our product we would love to hear from you to give USA Tunnel Fill Review.

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