Gopher Goo ze

opher Goo ze

Use our patented Tunnel Fill to take care of your gopher problem by backfilling tunnels and making a gopher goo ze to help control them.  Tunnel Fill tablets are placed into the gophers or other rodent tunnel by and flushed down with water where it expands 100's of times making a gopher goo ze that has a consistancy of applesauce.  This gopher goo ze fills the gophers tunnel completely and can force the animal to exit it's burrow and surface to escape the gopher goo ze.

Tunnel Fill gopher goo ze forces the gophers to exit the burrow and closes off the gophers passage or future gophers that may try to invade your protected area that now will run into the goo ze goo.  The applesauce like gopher goo is nearly impossible for an animal to dig through and will make the gophers find a way around the gopher goo ze.  Another great use of our product is to block passage for gophers from neighboring areas and block the free tunnel they are entering through with Tunnel Fill gopher goo ze.

Performing gopher removal by flushing gophers out of the hole with the gopher goo you would start at the latest activity and place the pellets down the hole and flush with water to start the process of making the goo ze for gophers.  You need to fill every hole with Tunnel Fill and make sure the gopher goo ze  fills all the way to the top.  Do this until all visible holes are full of gopher goo ze.  This is a great gopher removal technique.

For gopher removal and proper gopher control: If no rodents are flushed after all holes are full of gopher goo ey, watch the area for more activity.  If no activity is ever seen, most likely the animal drowned in the Tunnel Fill.  If you see new activity, immediately treat with Tunnel Fill and make sure to fill all holes completely with Tunnel Fill.  If you are persistent, you will be able to flush the gophers and they will most likely come out wet and full of Tunnel Fill gopher goo ze.

You can use this patented Tunnel Fill with woodchucks burrows or any other animals that burrow.  Tunnel Fill will fill any tunnel, burrow or hive.  Buy Tunnel Fill today to fill your rodent tunnels with our wonderful patented product.

Please see out frequently asked questions and how-to information on how to apply.

Gopher removal and gopher control the easy way.  No dangerous pesticides or chemicals used to make Tunnel Fill and is child and pet safe.  Expands in less than ten minutes for quick application. 

No gopher control product comes close to the innovation and quality of Tunnel Fill.